Case Study: Breathing Life into a 140-Year-Old Engineering Company


Executives at Stanadyne, a Connecticut-based fuel pump manufacturer, needed to update their brand to reflect recent innovations. Their outward appearance failed to reflect the essential role their products played in auto racing, luxury sports cars and rugged off-road vehicles. This conflicting corporate persona hindered their value proposition when they engaged with new customers.


VMA rebranded the company from the inside out, focusing on the forward-thinking engineers who create groundbreaking technology. Everyone from front-office personnel to upper management needed to believe and extol these virtues so we incorporated their input throughout the process. After branding and discovery sessions and adoption of a full-scale PR plan, the tactical process began with creating a sleek new website and contemporary ads for auto trade publications. (See above.)


Stanadyne now has the confidence and an appearance that complements its engineering innovation. The company recently received Supplier of the Year commendations from General Motors and is now competing head to head with supplier juggernauts like Bosch and Delphi.

Laying out a full-scale plan helped us focus on more than just our message. We were able to more efficiently dedicate resources to specific campaigns while accomplishing our yearly goals. VMA gives us a strategic lens to look through when we evaluate what we want to say and who we are saying it to.

—Kerry King, Stanadyne marketing manager, worldwide

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