Case Study: Bringing High-Speed Rail to California


The California High-Speed Rail Authority (HSR) oversees an 800-mile system that includes building massive infrastructure through agricultural, suburban and urban communities to connect the state’s population centers. The challenges include simplifying difficult and sometimes complex messaging and working with distinct cities to address a multi-year construction timeframe and a $65 billion price tag.


VMA has conducted all communications from Shafter to San Diego, including facilitation of CEQA/NEPA outreach, environmental justice, political coordination, and government affairs. We’ve worked closely with community residents and stakeholders to provide transparency, support and clarification and have applied traditional and social media to develop crowdsourcing opportunities and engage stakeholders in advancing the project technically and politically.

VMA coordinated Southern California political efforts and campaign-related outreach to pass Prop. 1A, the $9.95 billion HSR initiative on the November 2008 ballot.

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