Public Relations

VMA has built a well-regarded public relations reputation by consistently establishing positive images for our clients. From writing press releases and enacting local, regional and national media outreach to developing comprehensive PR campaigns and crisis communications strategies, VMA enlists an arsenal of clever tactics that fulfill our clients’ needs.

  • Develops and institutes appropriate, harmonized messaging and communications plans.
  • Creates marketing and educational collateral -- publications and brochures, annual reports, newsletters, videos, etc.
  • Conducts media outreach campaigns.
  • Writes, produces and places print/radio/TV ads, Public Service Announcements.
  • Develops website content and design.

Community Outreach

Community outreach has become an integral part of every marketing campaign. Our philosophy targets special markets and utilizes a grassroots, community organizing methodology to create a bond between the targeted community and our client. The technique has been successfully used for political campaigns and local issues, such as siting new schools. VMA has been effective in promoting community participation, infrastructure development and political movement of projects and programs.

VMA will:
  • Develop a message that suits the target community.
  • Coordinate community meetings.
  • Conduct direct mail campaigns.
  • Manage a media program to complement grassroots work.
  • Develop a door-to-door campaign.
  • Coordinate phone banks.

Governmental Affairs

VMA works with a network of elected and appointed officials to ensure we can assist clients in moving their agendas with various agencies. We work to develop a strategic blueprint, blending proven outreach tools with political strategies to attain successful outcomes.

  • Researches and institutes a politically strategic plan to attain targeted goals.
  • Develops constituent letter-writing campaigns to engage decision-makers on specific issues.
  • Implements a grass-roots-style campaign, to promote public participation.
  • Creates opinion pieces for third-party authors.
  • Conducts community meetings to promote awareness on specific issues.

Media Relations

By developing everything from a press release program to coordinating press events, VMA has the expertise and relationships to provide a robust media relations program. Because many VMA staffers are former journalists, we know what media need and speak their language.

  • Builds and implements an earned media strategy.
  • Writes opinion pieces.
  • Coordinates press availabilities.
  • Creates and places stories in all forms of local, state and national media.