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Valerie E. Martinez


Valerie Martinez, through her firm VMA Communications, provides strategic public affairs and community outreach expertise, packaging media management, government affairs, and technical infrastructure outreach for a variety of public agencies and private corporations.

For more than 20 years, VMA has provided the political guidance to develop hundreds of public infrastructure projects that have strengthened the world of education, transportation, and water management throughout California.

Most recently, Valerie has been involved in changing the face of transportation in America. She has worked since 2003 with the California High-Speed Rail Authority, providing strategic political guidance and implementation of a solid CEQA/NEPA-focused outreach program to support the design and engineering of the California’s largest public infrastructure project in the last 50 years — an 800-mile system, connecting urban centers throughout the State, revolutionizing mobility in California.

Through the years, Valerie has built and rebuilt more than 60 public schools and community colleges, providing guidance through the CEQA process to site, design and construct the projects; as well as helping to pass a number of general obligation bonds to finance the projects. She has also helped provide clean, safe, reliable drinking water to local communities by providing critical outreach and community relations support in developing and constructing water pipelines and purification projects throughout Southern California.

Valerie’s expertise also extends beyond political and grassroots outreach. She is a former newspaper reporter, working for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and Long Beach Press-Telegram, and she was a writer and producer at KHJ-TV (Channel 9). She is the former chief consultant to California’s Latino Legislative Caucus, where she worked with 17 members of the State Senate and Assembly to shape culturally competent and ethnically inclusive education, transportation, healthcare, insurance, and immigration policy.

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