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VMA Communications, Inc was founded in 1996 as a full-service bilingual communications firm focused on increasing community awareness and media exposure for our clients.  Today, powered by a seasoned, creative team with diverse experience in the public sector, private industry and journalism, that corporate blueprint remains unchanged…Although, we certainly have a lot more employees and our expansive client roster ranges from education, infrastructure and tech to health care, transportation and numerous other industries.

Our Industry Specialties

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Community Outreach

VMA is a full-service public relations company with a track record of successfully establishing a positive image for our clients. From writing press releases to developing comprehensive PR campaigns, VMA constructs strategies to suit our clients’ needs.

Governmental Affairs

VMA works with a network of elected and appointed officials to ensure we can assist clients in moving their agendas with various agencies. We work to develop a strategic blueprint, blending proven outreach tools with political strategies to attain successful outcomes.

Public Relations

For more than 20 years, VMA has employed PR experts to relentlessly establish positive images for our clients. By developing comprehensive PR campaigns packed with message development, crisis communications and digital strategies as well as concisely-written releases, VMA crafts PR plans to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Media Relations

By crafting a press release program to coordinating media events, VMA's team, largely former journalists, builds and executes enduring media relations campaigns. We specialize in specializes in tailoring your message for local, state and national media, as well as targeted markets.

Event Management

VMA event coordination services extend from organizing high-profile media rollouts to managing shareholders’ meetings … and everything in between. The VMA team can create, implement and publicize events, large and small, to raise community awareness, address an issue or educate/entertain an audience

Video Production

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Social Media

A strong social media presence is vital to advancing communication and brand development. Our team can craft a strategy to enhance your message and capture your audience across multiple social media platforms.


Properly developing a brand is essential for an effective launch, ongoing retention of market share and establishing the voice of a company. Our team creates, packages and drive campaigns by employing a consistent methodology throughout all corporate communications that showcases and enhances a client product by ID’ing it with a brand.


In a graphical world where imagination is king, original design is mandatory in the development of products and image. Our team of experienced designers will shepherd your public profile – including the look of your logo, products, brochures and digital collateral.

Web Development

The building of a professional website is often the most important part of a business or organization. The website serves as a calling card for your company, a product showcase and brand introduction to investors, clients and consumers. Let our web team design, program and shape your site to promote and enrich your brand.

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"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."
— Steve Jobs

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